Do You Have Hope Beyond Death’s Door?

John 14:1-6


All men would like to know, Is There any hope of life, for sure, Beyond death’s door?

Men will come and go and Will certainly leave by death’s door. What a shame and a loss if he Does not know, there’s hope for Eternal life beyond death’s door.

Few men will go through life And at some time, not wonder, Is there not life beyond death’s door? How can we know, for sure, he Asked himself and others is there Life beyond death’s door?

God in heaven, sent the answer Loud and clear, that His Son, Jesus Christ has the key to life, After we go through death’s door. All Must go through Christ, our Savior, If we are to have eternal life Beyond death’s door.

God says there’s only one way to have eternal life after we go Through death’s door and that is Through His Son: the Way, the Truth, And the life, If we’re to be with Him forevermore.

Jesus Christ is our savior who Came to bring Salvation’s life now And life beyond death’s door, forever More. Yes, my friend, you can have eternal life for sure-if You trust Christ now. For now Is the day of Salvation, now is The accepted time, before you Go through death’s door.

Charles E. Gower 3/17/11