Most Important Prayer in American History

George Washington’s
Prayer in the Snow!


One of the greatest scenes ever
Depicted in our country’s history
And founding, was the Father of
Our Country, praying on bended knee,
At Valley Forge, in the snow.

George Washington was that man,
Our founding Father, who was
Praying on bended knee in the snow
A country would be born through
That prayer, called America!
America would be known as
Home of the brave and the Free
And also a home where God’s Grace
Would dwell. As long as God’s Word
Was preached.

Miracle after miracle would follow
After that prayer in the snow.
The Father of our Country, George
Washington, would lay the
Foundation for our country and
Our creed, by praying for
God’s guidance, alone, on
Bended knee in the snow.

George Washington’s knee prints in the
Snow is a testimony of what God
Can do through the prayer of one man,
Praying for His Country on bended knee in the