Womanhood - Your Obvious Calling!

Genesis 2:18


Lord, I’m a woman
Created by you alone
For the man of your choice
For its not good – this man should live alone
And not have a helpmate to call his own
To help him along and make him a home
Lord, I’m a woman created for
This chore and nothing more!

Lord, I’m a woman
My responsibilities are well defined
I’m made for a man, to be by his side
Help me Lord, to subject myself within this confide
Lord, I’m a woman, be thou my guide
As I help this man of mine!

Lord, I’m a woman
Thank you for the blessings that are only mine
To be loved by my husband,
And to mother his children
Lord, I’m a woman, made for a man
To be by his side and Lord, I’m satisfied!