Creation -- If not God, Who?

From My Earthly Perch


If God did not create the heavens
and the earth --The earth as we see
it from our earthly perch, then
what do I see?

From my perch I see the earth.
I hope my eyes are not deceiving me,
for from my perch I see all around
even the heavens that are above me.

Now, unbelieving man might say
"it’s not the earth; it’s not the heavens,
it’s not even a reality."
Pardon me, sir! I’m not the only one on
a perch that can see the earth.

Now if you are in denial that you see the
earth from your perch, then you are a fool
of the highest degree. And you may be a
flat tire that needs air, the air of common
sense, before you can proceed.

If not God, then who? Who created you
and me? Who do you think would
do such a thing, as you look from your perch
here on the earth?

Biology 101


A single cell am I
that washed up out of the sea
to create a universe to live
where all of life would be..

Now don’t ask me how the sea got here
that’s a mystery you see
a mystery that belongs only to the sea
but don’t you fret, my friend
my descendant man will explain
what happened to that single cell
washed up on the shore, by the sea.

Now that cell was a fertile cell, you see
producing many more little cells like me
until it ended up being a human being
whose origin is a mystery of the sea.

Now to explain this mystery of the sea
you’ll need a PH, D in biology
no easy task you know
explaining how a single cell ended up being
a human being after coming out of the sea.