Does God Not See or Hear?

Psalm 94:1-23


Does God not see or hear?
The words of the wicked
spoken in pride without fear
as if the God of heaven cannot see or hear
God said, He planted the ear to hear
and He formed the eye to see,
God said vengeance for wickedness belongs to me!

Does God not see or hear?
Is there no judgment from God to fear?
He that planted the ear and formed the eye
Will our God let wickedness pass by
without vengeance from a righteous God?
Vengeance is mine, Vengeance is mine
Saith the Lord, Maker of the ear and the eye!

Does God not see or hear?
God, that teaches man knowledge
through man’s eyes and his ears.
God says wicked man’s thoughts are vanity
but the thoughts of the righteous man
are comforting, a rock of refuge and
give hope to all men, who
can see and hear!