Lest We Forget, God's Grace on America
Makes it the Greatest Country on Earth


America, America God shed His grace on thee.
Unmerited, unearned, and unwanted grace on thee.
In your purple mountains’ majesties God’s grace is seen
Then down to the fruited plains of grain, God’s grace shines on thee.
A gift from God, you must agree, America, is His grace bestowed on thee.
America, America one nation among so many – to be favored as the least.
We search for the reason and we search for the rhyme but none is there,
Except, God shed his grace on thee.
America, America cease not to understand that God’s grace is an undeserved treasure
For all who live in the land.
America, America how fresh is your fragrance of grace bestowed.
It sent your sons and your daughters to the battlefields of the world
To maintain the honor and gratitude of a country upon whom God’s grace has been bestowed.
Yes, America, lest we forget.
God Shed His Grace On Thee!