For Happiness Together - Take Marriage Boulevard to the End


I’ve heard so much about this street
Called Marriage Boulevard!
I’m told it can give you a preview
Of Heaven on earth
I’m told also, there’s not a lot of traffic
On it today, Marriage Boulevard,
Because many couples think, they’ve
Found a better way to go than to spend
Their days on Marriage Boulevard.

Why is this so, you may ask, that
Marriage Boulevard is the only way to go.
It’s God’s wisdom of family planning.
That is, multiplying and replenishing the earth
While you travel about Marriage Boulevard.

Before you start your journey on
Marriage Boulevard
You’ll have to promise to each other
That you’ll not depart as you travel
This road of Marriage Boulevard. For your
Family will need each other all
The way to the end of Marriage Boulevard.

As the anniversary years mount up
On traveling down Marriage Boulevard
You and your family will look back
With pride and gratitude, that you
Took Marriage Boulevard to the end.

I now pronounce you Man
And wife for your journey on
Marriage Boulevard. The speed
Limit on Marriage Boulevard will
Be one day at a time as
You make your two streams become
One river in the Will of God
On Marriage Boulevard!