The Storms of Life - You need Jesus in the Boat

Mark 4:37-41


The storms of life will often come
When wind and waves beat against our ship
The call to the master comes loud and strong!
Lord, we will perish if something is not done!

Awake the master Awake the Master
For He alone can bring calm
Peace be still He says, to the wind
And the waves and suddenly
There was an instant calm.

He ask His disciples, How is it
That your Faith is not very strong
For the storms of life will
Not cease to come.

For in this world of sin
You will not be free
Of the storms of dangers,
Trials and sin.

Only faith in God can rescue you
Amidst a storm,
So Awake the Master, Awake the Master,
And see your faith
Bring calm to the storm!