College Students - The Journey of a Lifetime
There's help in a Prayer or Two


The journey of a lifetime as a college
Student that’s what I’m on!

Many more influences will be
Upon me now, as I journey to
The college door!

I’ll be leaving my love nest of a
Loving home as I journey down
The road I’m on.

Fond memories of Mom and Dad and
Siblings will follow me, I’m sure,
As I journey to this new world of a college dorm.

What do I need for this journey, I
Ask myself, am I prepared enough
To handle this adventure As I
Journey into the college world?

I know what I’ll do, Ill say a
Prayer or two and ask God
To help me on this journey as He
Has on other journeys before.

I’ll pray Lord, it’s you and me
Now, I won’t have the support
Beside me as I had before.
But I’ll pray and ask the Lord to go
Before me as I journey on.

I know a lot, according to
My high school scores, but
I’m sure, I'll soon realize
I need to know much, much more.

Say, I’m here now, where
Friends of a lifetime are
Formed, in the college dorm.
Friends for this journey should
Be much more pleasant
Than other journeys before.
Special friends, which are found only
in a college dorm.

Boy! The journeys over now!
I didn’t realize time could go
So fast, four years and you are
Gone. But I’m a college graduate now,
with a degree to spur me on to the next Journey.
But there is one thing
We should never forget,
That is, to say a prayer or two
And ask God to go before
As He has on other journeys we’ve taken before.